Buildings & Facilities

Buildings & Facilities

Hospitals, universities, recreational and cultural centres and public transit facilities are more than just buildings, they are landmarks that define our communities. 

From new constructions to upgrades and expansions—we design, operate and maintain buildings of all sizes and types, and across all sectors. Our portfolio includes projects for commercial, residential buildings and facilities dedicated to healthcare, education, public transportation, defence, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, food and beverage, and municipal infrastructure.

Multi-disciplinary, multi-sector expertise

Thanks to the broad reach of SNC-Lavalin’s services, we provide a one-stop shop that brings together experts from all building technical disciplines namely mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering with excellent insight into the specific challenges of each market. This allows us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that meet all design, budget, schedule and regulatory criteria.  

Sustainable design 

Energy efficiency, waste management and emissions control are essential considerations in everything we do. To date, we have completed more than 70 LEED-certified projects in Canada alone, and our accredited professionals always strive to develop innovative facilities that protect the environment and enhance the well-being of occupants. We offer cost-effective solutions to meet increasingly demanding energy acts, codes and regulations, as well as sustainable building rating systems or very high energy performance objectives. 

Innovative solutions 

We understand the contribution of building design excellence and innovation to our client’s success. Our expertise and design innovation is showcased in the design and construction of the Maison symphonique de Montréal, which achieved noise criteria N1, ensuring that the background noise and vibration from a busy urban environment in the concert hall is not audible to the concert-goer.

We have a proven track record in using emerging building information modeling (BIM) technologies, which allow our teams and clients to better plan and manage built assets. Our experience with BIM includes complex and large-scale projects, such as the McGill University Health Centre  and Sainte-Justine Health Centre in Montreal and the Maintenance Hangar Development Program at Canadian Forces Base in Trenton

In all cases, we are dedicated to delivering high-performance building systems while achieving our client’s architectural, functional and business objectives.

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