Building Science

Building Science

Effective building management and maintenance is essential for protecting assets and investments. For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing building science services to real estate owners, private promoters, institutional clients and government agencies.

Our expertise includes building shells, envelopes, roofs and foundations for all types of facilities. Clients call on us for inspections, designs, project management, construction supervision, real estate due diligence assessments and preventive maintenance programs. 

Robust weather protection

Building shells—and roofs in particular—are vulnerable to inclement weather conditions and changes. The consequences of simple problems can prove costly, especially if allowed to persist for a length of time. Well-structured maintenance programs can go a long way in keeping buildings water-tight. 

Valuable investment planning 

Predicting future wear and tear is the first step in developing a building maintenance budget. We’re armed with advanced investigative technological equipment to investigate and analyze building features and forecast upcoming rehabilitation needs and costs. 

When clients repair or upgrade their buildings, we also ensure that the materials and installation meet the requirements set out in local regulations, building codes and applicable warranties.

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