Urban Mass Transit

Urban Mass Transit

Delivering transit solutions for a world on the move 

As the world’s population is increasingly city-based, clients around the world are dealing with an urgent need to build and improve their urban mass transit networks. Our capabilities to execute urban mass transit projects including subways, light rail transit, tramways and guide ways, as well as our ability to provide a fully integrated, value-added package that encompasses the whole life-cycle from financing, designing, and building to operating and maintaining, are unmatched in the industry. 

Safe, Efficient and Green

Our urban mass transit solutions provide additional transportation capacity, often the equivalent to 10 lanes of commuter traffic, in densely-populated, highly developed and busy urban corridors. Not only do our solutions contribute significantly to improving the flow of traffic in cities around the world, they also remove countless cars off the road, thereby eliminating tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

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