Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Technology

We are the stewards of CANDU technology. For over 60 years, our pressurized heavy water reactors have supplied the public with safe, reliable and affordable carbon-free power.

Advantages of CANDU reactors

  1. Fuelled with natural uranium
  2. Well suited for countries with large, indigenous uranium reserves and those seeking energy independence. 
  3. Represent over 20,000 MW of installed capacity and have some of the highest lifetime capacity factors of any nuclear reactor
  4. Support the economic viability of businesses and quality of life for consumers in Canada, Romania, Korea, China and Argentina. 
  5. Medium size reactors, beneficial for grid stability
  6. Natural Uranium (NU) and heavy water utilization, result in great Uranium utilization rates. 
  7. High localization content

All our new build reactors are compliant with Generation III and post-Fukushima safety standards.   

We are committed to safety and efficiency and at all levels and phases of a nuclear project. Our teams are required to learn and comply with all applicable health and safety regulations, requirements, and recognized standards and guidelines to protect our employees, contractors, visitors, physical assets and the public. We make every reasonable effort to eliminate or control hazards that may cause workplace incidents by integrating appropriate health and safety requirements into all phases of our business activities including product development, project planning, project implementation, operations and decommissioning.

CANDU Reactors Around the World

Location Name Units
Quebec, Canada** Gentilly-2 1
Ontario, Canada Darlington 4
Ontario, Canada Pickering 8
Ontario, Canada Bruce 8
New Brunswick, Canada Point Lepreau 1
Argentina Embalse 1
Romania Cernavoda 2
Republic of Korea Wolsong 4
People's Republic of China Qinshan 2
India RAPS 2
Pakistan KANUPP 1